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I Joy Ride UK Reviews

I Joy Ride UK Reviews

We will add more reviews of the iJoy Ride exersice machine as and when they are received.

"It makes it easy to exercise while watching the game on TV"
James ( St Albans )

"It's a fun way to lose inches and get fit. You don't even have to leave the house and can even watch TV while exercising"
Sarah ( London )

"Even my mum got rid of her tummy doing nothing else but 15 minutes a day on the iJoyRide for just four weeks. I can definitely feel my muscles toning up and have lost inches off my bum and thighs."
Moira ( Bonhill )

"I love horse riding and this is the next best thing to getting benefits from the saddle. It's a really fun way to tone my body and get a great work-out"
Susan( North Yorkshire )

"I hate exercising but the iJoyRide has been one of the easiest ways for me to tone up my flabby bits, especially my thighs and butt"
Simone ( Southampton )

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i-Joy Ride product information: The iJoy™ Ride is the latest hi-tech horse riding machine designed to give you an effortless exercise work-out, whilst helping you tone and condition muscles known to help you improve your figure. The iJoyRide gives your body the key benefits gained from horseback riding which are proven to improve your fitness and wellbeing. Read more: iJoy Ride features

Benefits of using the iJoy Ride:

Firms and tones tummy, thighs and hips.
Helps improve posture and balance.
Improves blood circulation & cardiovascular function.
Helps your body burn calories.
Low impact exercise - less stress on joints & hips.
Tri-axis motion system for effortless workout.
Tones and conditions several "core muscle" groups.
Comfortable ergo seat.
4 speeds with auto function and ride control.
Easy to use - just plug in and turn on.
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i Joy Ride is available at furniture village, Boots and other retailers.

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January 16, 2019
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