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I Joy Ride Features

I Joy Ride Features

I Joy Ride Features: The iJoyRide is a unique and exciting way to work out! This exercise machine has been engineered to work your core muscles by challenging your balance. It does all the work; you just sit back, keep your balance, and have fun!

The iJoyRide's three-axis motion features challenge three different muscle groups. Test your skills by varying the speed of the iJoyRide or choose the auto-program and let the iJoyRide take control, dishing out a combination of all four speeds. You really can't go wrong working out on the iJoyRide. As you work to keep your balance, you're working your muscles. So, make it fun! Express yourself!

i Joy Ride Features:

The iJoyRide's 3-axis motion system challenges three different muscle groups with:

• a pitching motion for toning the abs
• a rolling motion for strengthening inner thighs and mid-torso muscles
• a yawing motion for working the lumbar muscles

• Use the ride control console to choose a comfortable speed for your work-out
• 4 speeds: Warm up (Default), Taking it Easy, Getting Serious, and Pump it Up
• Auto function dishes out a combination of all 4 speeds
• Ergo Seat with Visco foam

i Joy Ride Specification:

• Dimensions: 29.5’’x10’’x14’.
• Weight: 49.5 lbs
• Use: Household (not for Institutional use)
• Voltage: 220V AC.
• Watts: 100W
• Maximum surfer weight: should not exceed 275 lbs

I Joyride at John Lewis

Benefits of using the iJoy Ride:

Firms and tones tummy, thighs and hips.
Helps improve posture and balance.
Improves blood circulation & cardiovascular function.
Helps your body burn calories.
Low impact exercise - less stress on joints & hips.
Tri-axis motion system for effortless workout.
Tones and conditions several "core muscle" groups.
Comfortable ergo seat.
4 speeds with auto function and ride control.
Easy to use - just plug in and turn on.
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i Joy Ride is available at furniture village, Boots and other retailers.

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January 16, 2019
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